An Encouraging News for women news in Delhi

The brutal gang-rape of a woman on a moving bus highlights how women are routinely subjected to abuse and violence in India. It also signifies how the country’s surge towards development has left thousands struggling behind on the margins. There are several ongoing debates about the actual status of safety of women, especially in the national capital. It became rather alive in the Chittaranjan Park D Block Durga Puja celebration this year.

This year it was decided that the Durga puja celebration there will lend its strong voice to the status of women’s safety, as well as an urgent need of the city with a woman as its chief minister to give some power and respect to its common women as well. “What better platform than a festival to engage people in thinking about the problems facing women vis-a-vis their rights and empowerment… a lot of that boils down to the physical fact of how safe this city is for women,” argued Debajyoti Basuroy, an associate in organizing this puja. He added, “Durga puja is about celebrating womanhood. It is about the strength of a woman. We are trying to place the symbolism in today’s context.

It’s positive News for women news in Delhi and seeing how the puja will be organized, it provides a ray of hope for the ‘inferiors’ of our nation. There will be street plays performed by noted performers Arvind Gaur and Asmita, his theatre group. Gaur argued, “We are trying to link the call for women’s rights with the Durga puja. The message is that you worship her but do you give her the same place in society.”

The play is entitled ‘Dastak’ and is an attempt to highlight every aspect of women empowerment through the exploration of important themes like rape, domestic violence, sexual abuse, workplace harassment etc. There will also be women-centered quizzes for people to participate in and win prizes.

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