Beneficial Education News from Top Colleges in Delhi

There are a number of prestigious Universities and colleges in India, hot favorite amid the corporate sector. This sector is pretty choosy when it comes to hiring employees because their work involves skilled expertise. They choose colleges based on their merit, quality and reputation. That is the reason why students take enormous pressure to get into a highly meritorious one so that they can secure a good job later.

Education News from Top Colleges in Delhi can be found now on educational magazines and websites. For commerce students, Shri Ram College of Commerce is one of the top colleges in India. Here companies search for young graduates skilled in commerce, chartered accountancy, accounting, investment planning, financial planning, auditing as well as stock market analysis. Loyola College of Chennai is another prestigious college for commerce students.

St. Stephen’s College in Delhi ranks high among the top colleges for arts studies. Followed closely by Lady Shri Ram College and Miranda House, both in Delhi, they attract recruiters from different sectors. As far as the topic of engineering is concerned, you will witness a huge competition here in Indian colleges. There are a lot of them, both private and Government for all aspiring engineers. However, the leading colleges are definitely the IITs located in different parts of India. They are famed all across the globe for their meritorious and advanced syllabus, which is of rather equivalent status with other best engineering colleges of the world, including MIT, California Institute of Technology (CIT) and Stanford etc.

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