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Albeit India can be considered as one of the rapidly growing economies in the world, not all its developments can be deliberated as positive. The rate of crimes against people, especially women has increased ominously in the bygone decade. To tell the truth, just about 90% of all the reported atrocities are committed against females, and this includes only the registered ones.

Women become exposed to safety risks as soon as they cross the thresholds of their home and more than often, they are the ones who are blamed if something goes haywire. These aren’t mere cases of obscene remarks or ogling; many experience groping in crowded areas, sometimes rape-murder or even gang rape too. Based on Government statistics, the harsh and ugly truth is- a woman in India is raped every 20 minutes.

Crime News in Delhi NCR is featured in newspapers almost daily. This metropolitan city has become a hub of sex crime, homicides, molestations, sexual harassments, kidnaps and dowry-related crimes. As concluded from several reports and surveys, Delhi has consistently ranked high among the ten most unsafe cities in India. It is not only extremely dangerous for women but children too. Therefore it is no surprise when it was declared as the “rape capital” of India.
This declaration is proved not only by Government statistics but public opinion as well. 84% women reported they don’t feel safe in their own neighbourhood and based on government statistics it was found that the number of women raped has increased from 572 in 2011 to 635 in 2012 which is pretty alarming.

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