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Delhi is rich with its legacies and past. There have been many rulers in the history of India and Delhi has been the capital for most of them. There have been many dynasties that have ruled here. The British government also shifted its capital from the then Calcutta to Delhi. This place has been a big arena for the struggle of independence. Many great incidents have taken place in this city in the past. Many great rulers have come and gone. The present day Delhi is the result of the various different impacts of the different time periods.

There are various monuments and historical sites in Delhi such as the Qutub Minar, the India Gate, the Red fort, the Humayun’s Tomb and so on. Do you want to know more about these monuments? Obviously yes! These tell us about the rich history that this city had! Go online for it. The internet has in store in depth information about all that you want to know. It can be rightly said that the amount of information that one can find here cannot be found anywhere else. Just browse and read through the various amazing facts.

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