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Delhi University News creating Turmoil in Colleges

The new FYUP courses has not only made it terribly hectic for the teachers but for the students as well. Teachers are confounded as to what to teach, especially in the case of “Mathematical Awareness.” It has put the students in a great bind too. Initially designed for the blind candidates as a replacement of “Building Mathematical Ability” to be studied in the 2nd semester, some colleges have already been teaching it in the first semester. It has been found on the date-sheet of several colleges’ semester-end exams. This Delhi University News is creating quite some turmoil among all the colleges of the University.

Bipin Tiwary, OSD-EOC and deputy dean of the Delhi University’s Equal Opportunity Cell (EOC) said that he had issued strict instructions to all the colleges forbidding them from teaching it in the 1st semester. He said, “It’s a clear no from us. Nobody will be appearing for the exam this semester. We have issued clear instructions saying the course for blind people is to be taught in the next semester. Nobody will be appearing for the exam this semester.”

The issue has further been perplexed by the fact that first year candidates have been separated into different groups-A and B so that the can be taught four of eight foundation courses in the 1st semester. Group B are being taught the math course along with Literature and Creativity II, Language, Business, Entrepreneurship and Management and Indian History and Culture in the 1st semester. Confusion arises because some colleges have students opting for Mathematical Awareness in the 2nd Semester as well. This will surely interrupt this group-system, particularly at the end of 2nd semester.