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What’s cooking as the Latest Political News in Delhi?

The capital city of India is abuzz with manifold events and activities. Being the world’s largest democracy as well as the bearer of the biggest number of political groups, there is no dearth of political conflicts and clashes here. Looking at the current political scenario itself will shed some light on all the burning issues facing the people of India. Common man has lost all its respect for politics and politicians. Slapping and throwing shoes have become a common phenomenon and most of them are involved in dirty scams, controversies and accusations.

The latest political news in Delhi is revolving around the upcoming general elections in 2014. There is a flurry of activities by the different contenders so as to make their party the strongest. They all are dashing here and there, and are trying out different ingenious ways to woo the common man. The Congress, SP, BJP, and other parties are carrying out active demonstrations and rallies in different parts of the country to secure the maximum support and votes. As the election dates are drawing closer, the shrewd UPA-led party is getting enmeshed in several controversies, the latest being the recent wave of kids falling sick by having the midday meals.

On top of it there are also speculations all across the country about the future Prime Minister of the country. With high hopes pined on Narendra Modi as well as the young candidate Rahul Gandhi, everyone is anticipating who will finally set the ball rolling for the position of Prime Minister of India.

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Everybody belonging to India knows the influence that politics has on the livelihood of people. Every decision made by the government is as a result of politics. Every political party sets forth to get as much benefits as it can through politics. This makes it very important to constantly monitor the political news in Delhi. When the elections are nearby, this becomes even more important because the level of activity in this segment rises many a times. People need to know about the ideologies of the parties properly and therefore there is a need for a good place where they can get the latest developments.

A reliable source is what is needed. Biasness in delivering political news can be very disastrous as it can modify and alter your opinion by delivering a wrong image of a particular incident. Also the website should be frequently updated with the latest information at all times. This is something really important in context of political news. Some of the local online news portals of Delhi have performed well in delivering reliable political news in Delhi. However, it is important that you trust only a reliable source. Check out the reviews of the sites. Moreover the site should be user friendly and easy to access.

The information and news on the site should be displayed in a manner such that it keeps the reader’s interest. The news should be properly described with all the necessary details. So, for the latest news on politics in the city visit an online news portal!