Delhi School Education News: What Improvements can be Brought About?

While elementary school admission in Delhi has augmented severely to nearly 97% today, it’s not complete sure how their actual performance is. There is a great paucity of information when it’s regarding learning outcomes. The Annual Status of Education Report measures learning results of the country, but only in rural areas and not Delhi. Other sample surveys like the National Achievement Survey done by the National Council for Educational Research and Training, the Quality Education Study conducted by Educational Initiatives etc., are beginning to create their own surveys. However, no data actually verifies how much a student is actually learning.

Making investments in standardized assessments should be a priority if India wants its education system to be operational. Every child has to be adequately fortified with pertinent education material for the future. It also include all the significant stakeholders—parents, teachers and policymakers—in improving the quality of imparting education. Then only Delhi school education news will be globally well-known.

Furthermore, there are other interventions which can bring the Delhi education system in the forefront in the global education system. Associating school credit to learning outcomes will hold the schools liable of every student’s achievement records. Nearly 2,200 private Delhi schools catering to low-income communities’ children are at the threat of shutting down for non-compliance issues with either teacher salary, infrastructural or pupil-teacher proportion requirements under RTE or Right to Education Act, based on the reports by National Independent Schools Alliance.

School management committees (SMCs), mandated under this RTE Act should further introduce enhanced governance practices through more parental involvement. However, according to a city-based survey done by JOSH or Joint Operation for Self Help, merely 2% of Delhi schools engage in these committees. JOSH is therefore, directing SMC preparation for over forty Municipal Corporation schools in East Delhi in order to augment capacity building for parents and teachers alike. Boosting such initiatives will further influence parent participation to hold their kids’ schools liable for whatever student performance.

Transforming our school education system thus is a multi-layered process. It requires proper investments in standardized assessments, better governance, better school leadership policies etc. for an all-rounded development of children.

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