After the latest price hike, a domestic cooking gas cylinder will cost more than $1,000.

  • May 19, 2022, 12:01 p.m.

Domestic cooking gas LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) prices have been increased by 3.50 per cylinder on Thursday. This is the second hike in May, taking LPG prices above the 1,000-mark.

Non-subsidised cooking gas now costs 1,003 per 14.2-kg cylinder in the national capital, according to a price notification of state fuel retailers.

The hike comes on the back of a 50 per cylinder increase effected on May 7. Prior to that, prices were raised by the same amount on March 22.

On May 1, the prices of 19-kg commercial LPG cylinders were raised by a steep 102.50 to 2,355.50.

In Delhi, the 19-kg commercial cylinder now costs 2355.50, while the price stands at 2,307 in Mumbai.

The cost of LPG cylinders varies across cities due to value-added tax (VAT) and other taxes.

The price hike in gas cylinders comes when fuel rates are above the ₹ 100 per litre-mark in several states.

CommentsThe rates continue to rise on the backdrop of the Russia-Ukraine war and global supply concerns.

Author : Rajdhani Delhi Representative

Rajdhani delhi representative

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