Alia Bhatt's scene from the film "Aja na Raja" was used in an advertising for a Pakistani restaurant, which received backlash.

  • June 18, 2022, 12:59 p.m.

A restaurant in Karachi has drawn flak on social media platforms for using a scene from the Bollywood film Gangubai Kathiawadi featuring Alia Bhatt to promote an offer only for men. In the movie, Alia Bhatt played the role of prostitute Gangubai, who became an influential brothel-owner. The advertisement showed a scene from the movie where Alia Bhatt gestured to the men to get her client. With that poster, the restaurant Swing announced Men's Monday with a 25% discount for men. "Aja na Raja—what are you waiting for?" the tagline of the advertisement said.

The advertisement on Instagram received a huge backlash as social media slammed the "cheap promotion" of the restaurant.

"You really need to look into what’s being put up here. "To use a painful scene to justify whatever you’re offering is reeking of misogyny and ignorance," one user wrote.

If you guys think that this is some sort of marketing strategy and that this will gain you some attention and customers, then you're sadly mistaken! Using a clip from a movie based on prostitution (which btw is based on someone's real life) just shows how low and shallow you can get just for publicity, "another user wrote.

The restaurant defended the advertisement and said it was just a concept and not meant to hurt anyone. "The movie and this post are based on a concept." "Like before, we're open to all and will be serving you with the same love as we always have," it said, using another tagline "Movie kare tou aag, restaurant kare tou paap."

Author : Rajdhani Delhi Representative

Rajdhani delhi representative

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