BharatPe CEO tells Ashneer Grover's sister, "Tere bhai ne sara paisa chura liya," despite salary delays.

  • April 8, 2022, 11:40 a.m.

New Delhi: The controversy at BharatPe appears to be a never-ending saga. In a fresh round of allegations, co-founder and CEO Suhail Sameer told Ashneer Grover’s sister, Aashima Grover, that her brother stole all the money from the company. 

Responding to a reply by Aashima in a post alleging non-payment of salaries of BharatPe employees for the month of March, Sameer said in Hindi, "Tere bhai ne sara paisa chura liya." Aashima had said in her reply that the top management at BharatPe is a shameless bunch. 

The post was written on the professional networking platform LinkedIn by Karan Sarki, who works as a senior associate in IT at BharatPe. In his post, he requested Suhail and co-founder Shashvat Nakrani to pay the dues. 

Many LinkedIn users found Sameer’s response tacky, following which he deleted the reply from LinkedIn and gave a clarification. "Friends- I apologise for having irked many of you. In hindsight, it was out of line. We are already working on past employees' full and final pay out. My comment was a reaction to a particular statement, not the post. But I accept the mistake. I request you to also have patience and refrain from building a story based on a false narrative, "he said in a reply to the post by Sarki. 

However, Aashima didn’t stop and posted several replies, criticising the top management of the company, especially the two remaining co-founders. 

"I hope God gives them good digestive systems to digest the money and power they have snatched from other people. Be it founders or staff members, "she said in one of its replies.

Earlier, Grover targeted his previous company for its recent performance. Taking it to Twitter, Grover pointed out that BharatPe has registered its first quarter of "degrowth" and "maximum cash burn" under the leadership of Rajnish Kumar and Suhail Sameer.

Author : Rajdhani Delhi Representative

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