Day 3 box office collection for Dunki: Shah Rukh Khan's movie shows a small increase, earning ₹26.6 crore.

  • Dec. 24, 2023, 5:38 p.m.

After a decline on day 2, Shah Rukh Khan's much awaited return movie Dunki saw a tiny increase in box office receipts on day three, coming in at ₹26.6 crore. Over the course of three days, the movie brought in ₹49.32 crore net in India and ₹103 crore globally.

Large cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi managed to retain their excitement and the same number of people as on the first day. This indicates that viewers in conventional Hindi strongholds are still drawn to Shah Rukh Khan's star power.

The nation's occupancy rates continued to vary, with most areas seeing rates between 40 and 50 percent. Important metropolises like Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai had somewhat higher occupancy rates, between 50 and 60 percent, but this was insufficient to make up for the overall decline in receipts.

It's interesting to note that according to Dunki, occupancy rates in many eastern states, such as West Bengal and Odisha, ranged from 35–45% and 50–60%, respectively. suggesting opportunity for improvement while also leaving room for more growth.

Though the decline on the second day raised some concerns, it's too soon to assess Dunki's performance. The third day's increase showed that the movie was gaining pace. Positive word-of-mouth and the holiday season may cause collections to increase once more in the near future. Furthermore, regional differences imply that the movie might appeal to various audiences in particular areas, which would complicate its box office journey.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, everyone is anticipating Dunki's performance this weekend. Is it able to gather steam again and attract more people from different areas? If Raju Hirani's storytelling genius and Shah Rukh Khan's international appeal can rise over Dunki's early setbacks and make the film a box office hit, only time will tell.
On the other side, Salaar, which took in ₹15.50 crore nett in Hindi, also had a strong start at the box office. On its first day of release, it brought in ₹95 crore net for all languages. How Dunki and Salaar do at the box office in the upcoming days is still to be seen.


Author : Rajdhani Delhi Representative

Rajdhani delhi representative

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