Every time Prithviraj, a film starring Akshay Kumar, has been chastised for its title, it has been renamed Samrat Prithviraj.

  • May 28, 2022, 1:15 p.m.

Akshay Kumar's Prithviraj is now Samrat Prithviraj. The move doesn't come as a surprise since the film has been receiving flak for its title since the very start. It was in 2021 when Karni Sena Youth Wing president warned Prithviraj's makers to change the title of the film. Later, protests broke out in Chandigarh for the same reason. Now that the film is officially Samrat Prithviraj, here's a timeline of all the times Akshay Kumar's film bore the brunt of protests due to the title.


Let's start with what's happening now. Yash Raj Films changed the title of Akshay Kumar starrer Prithviraj on May 27. The film's name is now Samrat Prithviraj. After numerous meetings, YRF considered the sentiments and demands of the Rajput community and, on May 27, agreed to change the film's name from Prithviraj to Samrat Prithviraj.


Akshay Kumar's Prithviraj has been embroiled in controversy since Day 1. In December 2021, people from the Gurjar community gathered in large numbers at the Devnarayan temple in Vaishali Nagar, Ajmer. It was done to protest against the usage of the term 'Rajput' for Prithviraj in the upcoming film. People from the Gurjar community blocked roads and reached the District Collector's office to submit a memorandum about their demands. The outraged mob threatened to stop the film's screening if their demands weren't met.

All India Veer Gurjar Samaj Reform Committee president Harchand Gurjar said that Prithviraj's title should be changed and the facts of history should not be tampered with in the film. He also demanded that everything should be shown honestly. The community also claimed that the ruler was from their community. The Gurjar society had also asked for a screening of the film for their representatives and historians before Samrat Prithviraj's theatrical release.


In June 2021, the Akhil Bharatiya Kshatriya Mahasabha protested against Prithviraj's title in Chandigarh. People associated with the organization demanded that the name of the film not be just Prithviraj. They said that the full name of the film should be either "Hindu Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan" or "Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan". The reason being, Prithviraj Chauhan was the last Hindu Emperor and the name of the film should offer full respect. Members of the community also said that if the title didn't change, then the film would face the same consequences as those faced by Padmaavat and Jodhaa Akbar. At the same protest, slogans were shouted and an effigy of Akshay Kumar was also burnt.


In May 2021, filmmaker and President of the Youth Wing of Karni Sena, Surjeet Singh Rathore, wrote that the wing respects Akshay Kumar. However, they added that producer Aditya Chopra should understand the sentiments of the people and respect the last 'Hindu Samrat Veer Yoddha Prithviraj', Rathore said. Rathore's post in Hindi said, "In the film Prithviraj, Akshay Kumar plays the lead role, and we respect him." However, the producer of the film, Aditya Chopra, should keep in mind and understand the sentiments of the people, and the last Hindu Samrat, Veer Yoddha Prithviraj ji, should be taken with respect. Otherwise, the situation will be like Padmaavat. "

Rathore also put forth three conditions. It included "screening of the film before its release," "the film being shown to the Rajput society," and "the "title of the film to have the full name - Veer Yoddha Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan".

After numerous battles and finally a name change, Akshay Kumar's Samrat Prithviraj is all set to see the light of the day on June 3.

Author : Rajdhani Delhi Representative

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