Exclusive! My secret desire was for a baby girl, and it came true: Aditya Narayan is a Bollywood actor.

  • March 4, 2022, 12:08 p.m.

Singer-actor Aditya Narayan and his actress wife, Shweta Agarwal, are now proud parents of a baby girl. The little one was born on February 24 at a suburban nursing home in Mumbai. Talking to BT, Aditya says, "Everyone kept telling me that it would be a baby boy. But I secretly hoped that we would have a baby girl. I believe fathers are closest to their daughters, and I am happy that my little girl has arrived. Shweta and I feel extremely blessed that we are parents now."

Talking about the moment when his child was born, he shares, "I was with Shweta when she delivered, and I seriously feel that only a woman can show the kind of strength and perseverance to go through this and bring a child into this world. My love and respect for Shweta have doubled now. A woman goes through many things when she delivers a child and even during the pregnancy phase. "

Aditya says his child’s musical journey has already begun. He adds, "I have already started singing songs to her. Music is in her DNA. My sister has gifted her a small music player, which constantly plays spiritual chants and nursery rhymes. Her journey of music has begun because it runs in the family. But then, it all depends on what she wants to do when she grows up. Both my grandmothers, my dadi and nani, are extremely excited to see their great-grandchild. I am blessed to have so many women in our family. "

Aditya shared how his father, singer Udit Narayan, is beaming with joy and constantly calls the baby an angel. He says, "My father is in shock and he keeps looking at our little one and calling her angel! Initially, he was too scared to pick her up in his arms, but after a few days, I placed her in his lap and then he got the confidence to play with her. I have already started changing diapers and doing all the fatherly duties. My little one has my eyes, and I think she looks a lot like me. I thank God for this gift. "

Author : Rajdhani Delhi Representative

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