'I got carried away and regretted it,' Ali Merchant admits to cheating on ex-wife Sara Khan in an interview with Payal Rohatgi.

  • March 16, 2022, 12:40 p.m.

In the recent episode of Lock Upp, wild card entrant Ali Merchant tells Payal Rohtagi that he did cheat on his ex-wife Sara Khan. In the morning, Payal asks Ali what actually went wrong between the two. She says, "I knew you two got married and then divorced but what actually happened?"

Ali says, "I was 23 at that time. Our generation at that time was very naïve and immature. So I thought it would be a nice opportunity to make history as the first couple to get married in the reality show (Bigg Boss). And when two people are in love, the next step is to get married. Before the show, we were living in for two years. She was living in my house. After I came out of the BB house, I realised there were a lot of issues between our families. Main pagal ho gaya tha. I couldn’t figure out what to do. Even in the BB house, I saw there was still link-up between her and Ashmit. Then I went to Delhi. I was in a club and I got carried away. I met a girl, we spoke over the phone. And I got carried away and I regretted a lot."

He added, "I wanted to share with her. She was still in the show. So that girl got in touch with her maamu and they told her (Sara). So it was all out in the media. Before I could damage control, everything started falling apart. So then we decided to call it off. After that, we met and she wanted to get in touch. But I was with somebody else and wanted to move on."

Later in the episode, during a task, a question comes – Sara give Ali a chance. Here, both look quite shocked, and Ali says, "Who is even bothered? Who wants to see this? Sahi baatein toh nikle…" Sara retorts saying, "Sahi baatein? Ok sahi baatein niklegi. Let’s do that. I am just respecting you here and that doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want."

Sara and Ali begin to argue with each other. Sara blames Ali for coming in the show where as the latter says, "I have come here on my merit." Sara says, "You also had to come when I was in Bigg Boss and now here." Ali tells her to take it easy, "I have left many projects to be here. You have no idea. So just leave it."

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