Kapil Sharma says his drunk tweet to Prime Minister Narendra Modi cost him Rs 9 lakh: 'I flew to the Maldives...'

  • Jan. 6, 2022, 1:05 p.m.

After ruling television displays with The Kapil Sharma Show, comedian-actor Kapil Sharma is gearing up for his first stand-up special titled "I’m Not Done Yet," which you can watch on Netflix. "I have been running within the enterprise for over 25 years now, and I have been operating for 15 years on TV now. Actually, I have in no way taken comedy severely due to the fact that we as Punjabis joke around all of the time. It comes naturally. In a video, which he shared on his social media handles," Kapil introduced himself as "I didn't realize it changed into something you could get paid for." "There’s usually an internal voice in an artist that says, "I am no longer achieved yet." I want to do something else. ’ But where? So, the platform of Netflix attracted me. They said they're interested in listening to my tale, "Kapil said, adding, "You may want to say this is my tale being instructed in my manner." He said that inside the display, he could be heard singing too. And he made a positive to factor out that he could be making a song in English. In the video, we meet Kapil in the manner in which the target market has known him for years. He is seen joking around with Netflix’s team as well as his makeup crew.

At the end of the video, Kapil mentioned that the audience would witness plenty of the latest matters in the stand-up special. He stated he is excited for the target market to witness the show, on the way to circulation on Netflix from January 28 onwards.

Later, Kapil Sharma shared a glimpse of his stand-up in which he mentioned his infamous tweet to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which he said became an inebriated tweet. "I left for the Maldives instantly. I lived there for eight to nine days. The second I reached the Maldives, I requested a room with no internet. They asked, "Have you gotten married?" I replied, ‘No, I simply tweeted.’ My stay cost me Rs. nine lakhs, which I didn’t even spend on my schooling. That one line cost me plenty, "he revealed," adding, "I want to sue Twitter." He said the microblogging site should have warned his fans that it was miles away from an "inebriated tweet." He concluded by citing that while some of the tweets were his duty, others were the outcomes of liquor manufacturers' tweets. 

The 2016 tweet to the PM had Kapil complaining about BMC. His tweet study said, "I am paying Rs 15 cr profits tax from the final five to twelve months and still have to pay a 5 lac bribe to the BMC office for making my workplace @narendramodi."

Kapil Sharma’s display study: "Amritsar ki galiyon se Mumbai ke units tak (From the streets of Amritsar to the units of Mumbai), Kapil Sharma has been entertaining us for a while now, but he hasn't achieved yet! Our favourite comic is all set to tickle your funny bones, this time on Netflix, together with his first comedy special, marking his streaming debut. I’m Not Done Yet, liberated on January 28, 2022, well-known Kapil in a by no means before visible avatar."

Author : Rajdhani Delhi Representative

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