Madhuri Dixit claims that during shooting in India, she was surrounded by '20 people' and that she felt'very independent' in the United States.

  • March 1, 2022, 11:53 a.m.

Actor Madhuri Dixit made her OTT debut last week with Netflix's The Fame Game. The show stars her as a Bollywood superstar, something Madhuri knows all too well in real life as well. Madhuri has worked in over 80 films in a career spanning 38 years. Due to her star status in India, true independence was not easy to attain for her. 

In a new interview, Madhuri says that her parents would accompany her to film sets in India. Her team of almost 20 people would also be around her all the time, so doing her own work was never a thing. However, things changed when she moved to the United States with her husband, Dr. Sriram Nene.

Speaking to Bazaar, she said, "I grew up in a very protected environment... My parents used to always accompany me, even when I was working. But once I got married, I began making decisions by myself. Living in the US taught me a lot about life. When I was in India, there would always be around 20 people fussing over me at all times, but there I was very independent.

Of course, my mom and mom-in-law would come and help me out whenever I needed. But as you grow older, you mature and learn a lot, and you grow as a person with your experiences. Today, I use those experiences when I'm essaying a role, "she added.

In another recent interview, Madhuri told Etimes how her mother would make her do her own work. "I mean, even when I was working on films, my mom used to scold me if my room was messed up or things like that. So that's how I was brought up. And that's how I am. When I go home, everything is back in the studio. I see my kids, I see my husband, and it's just a different life. I never really lost myself. "

Author : Rajdhani Delhi Representative

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