Meera Chopra had a "difficult time" finding outfits for Cannes: "Designers wanted to give Deepika Padukone clothes."

  • May 28, 2022, 12:58 p.m.

Actress Meera Chopra marked her debut at the annual Cannes Film Festival this year with her film Safed. The 38-year-old actress walked the red carpet at the international film festivals in some impressive gowns. However, sourcing clothes for the occasion did present a hurdle for the actress. In a recent interview, the Section 375 actress shared her experience of going to Cannes.

Meera told Hindustan Times that when she was sourcing clothes for her appearance at the festival, she had a "hard time" because most of the Indian designers wanted to give clothes to Deepika Padukone, or wanted to dress a bigger celebrity. Deepika, who is a member of the jury at the 75th Cannes Film Festival, has been donning some exquisite couture pieces on the red carpet.

Meera also added that fashion becomes a key element at such events, and one wants to put their best foot forward. She also confessed, "There is a lot of pressure." I was anxious and I could not sleep for three or four nights when I was sourcing my clothes because I had this pressure on my head. "

The 1920s London actress said that going to the festival was an overwhelming feeling because she did not just go with some liquor brand or just walk the red carpet for nothing. Meera said that she knew there were a lot of people who were doing that, but she went there to promote her film, Safed, by launching the poster. For Meera, the whole exercise of getting dressed up, getting pictures clicked, and giving them out on social media has become "cumbersome and tiresome."

"I don’t know what purpose it serves," said Meera.

Meera said that she was more interested in connecting with people passionate about cinema and business.

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