Pre-wedding festivities for Ira Khan and Nupur Shikhare are underway; Kiran Rao and Azad Rao Khan are present. Watch

  • Dec. 27, 2023, 3:17 p.m.

Ira Khan, the daughter of Aamir Khan and Reena Dutta, is scheduled to marry her longtime partner Nupur Shikhare next month. Tuesday night, Ira shared images and videos from her "Maharashtrian Kelvan," providing some behind-the-scenes looks at her early wedding celebrations.

The preparations for Ira and Nupur's wedding, which is scheduled for January 3, are well on in the Khan-Shikhare home. Actor Mithila Palkar, who is friends with Ira, also posted some photos from yesterday night's festivities. Azad Rao Khan, the son of Aamir Khan, and Kiran Rao, his ex-wife, were also present.

Ira posted a video of her family savoring a typical Maharashtrian lunch on a banana leaf on her Instagram stories. "My God guys, get married to a Maharashtrian and get a Kelvan," Ira exclaims in the video. How enjoyable is this?

Ira is seen having a good time with Nupur and Mithila in other photos. "Wedding festivities have begun!" Mithila commented on her Instagram story. and she wrote, "Let's get you guys married!" in yet another fiction. Nupur is wearing a kurta-pajama with a turban, and Ira is wearing a maroon saree with a sequinned blouse. Mithila can be seen sporting a lime yellow dupatta with a shalwar outfit.

Aamir Khan recently talked up about Ira's wedding, despite his absence from the festivities on Tuesday. He had stated, "Main toh bada emotional hota hoon bhai, uss din main bahut rone waala hoon yeh toh tay hai," in an interview with News18. I'm going to cry a lot during Ira's wedding, I promise—I'm that sentimental). Since I am quite sensitive, the family has already started talking about how to "take care of Aamir that day," or "Aamir ko sambaalna uss din." Neither my grin nor my tears are under control.


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