Regrettably, the message in Valimai was not received as expected by the youthful audience: Vinoth, H.

  • March 2, 2022, 12:04 p.m.

Ajith's Valimai, released on February 24, opened to mixed reviews from the audience and critics and has managed to amass box office collections worldwide. Post the film's release, the director of Valimai, H Vinoth, for the first time, has opened up about the film's reception by the audience and critics.  "Valimai isn't exactly what one section of the audience perceives it to be-- the youngsters. The film is packed with a strong message of peer pressure and social challenges that the youth are going through in modern society. Similar to women's empowerment, this is another relevant topic. There are youngsters, who have been facing the wrath of society without landing a proper job. The system is such that they are made to chase money and fame. In this pursuit, I have seen young boys who cannot afford three meals a day and accommodation for themselves. The irony is that when they achieve what they want, they won't have time to eat and sleep. This is the core storyline of Valimai that we set out to tell the audience, " he told DT Next.

Vinoth elaborated further and said, "Like how women are being judged in society, youngsters too are being judged on certain parameters like success, jobs, their designations, and money. While some are able to achieve it, some aren't. At a point in time, they are pressured by their parents and relatives to make comparisons. They end up taking the wrong path and resorting to drugs and alcoholism. Without promoting alcoholism or drug abuse, the story of Valimai has discussed things about youths, who are misled and end up being rebels. Moreover, such a story has struck a chord with women and the family audience. Youngsters have failed to recognise the story's potential and the message it has for them. "

The director said that people haven't discussed the core of the film with him like how they did in previous films of his like Sathuranga Vettai, Theeran... and Nerkonda Paarvai. "Usually people talk to me about the message in the film upon its release. After Valimai's release, that wasn't the case. When you watch Valimai without any external influences and pressures of catching up on an early show, taking away mob mentality from your mind, I'm sure even the youngsters would understand the several layers that have been woven into the storyline, "he concluded.

Author : Rajdhani Delhi Representative

Rajdhani delhi representative

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