Sangram Singh on girlfriend Payal Rohatgi: I admire her for standing up to bullies, but why is Prince Narula acting like Munawar-babysitter? Anjali's

  • April 22, 2022, 12:29 p.m.

Renowned wrestler and reality star, Sangram Singh is extremely proud of his fiance, Payal Rohatgi, who is currently locked inside the Lock Upp jail. Sangram feels that Payal has all the qualities of a winner and he is loving how she is fighting against all the bullies. In an exclusive chat with ETimes TV, Sangram Singh opened up about Payal's game, Munawar Faruqui's constant boasting about his followers and Zeeshan Khan's recent physical assault on Azma Fallah.

Payal is not pretending and she’s the most honest person on Lock Upp

Payal is totally real in the show. She’s not pretending and is the most honest person. Rest everyone on the show is fake. She doesn’t care about the world, if she finds something is wrong she will stand for it and is ready to face the consequences also. The way she has been taking care of people by cooking even though they have humiliated her so often. Even at home whenever our maids don’t come, she cooks food and takes care of the entire house. That motherly nature I can see inside as she cooks food for everyone. But if you poke her unnecessarily she will not spare you. Payal is very real and doesn’t make fake relationships or friendships. But Munawar, Anjali, all these people are together just for the sake of the game and nothing else. I’ve been with Payal for the last 12 years, I respect her a lot. We both are poles apart in nature. I love the fact about Payal that if she is wrong, she is ready to apologise and we as humans make mistakes. I am proud of Payal that she has the courage and strength to stand against the bullies. She has all the qualities of a winner.

Anyone can have followers on social media these days you just need to spend money

Munawar keeps talking about fan following and followers. Anyone can have followers on social media these days you just need to spend money and buy fake followers. The way he keeps boasting about it time and again on the show, it's comical to watch. Kuch bhi hua nahi ke mere itne followers hain. Honestly, if I tell you I had not heard Munawar Faruqui, Anjali Arora’s name before the show. Because of Payal I watch the show Lock Upp and I learnt about these people. Otherwise I really had no idea who this Anjali Arora is. Munawar I had heard his name in the news, that's it.

Lock Upp ke jail ki 'Manthara' Munawar Faruqui hai

See the recent episode, the way Azma was manhandled. I am not saying she was right but how can you raise a hand on a girl. If you notice, the other people from the jail like Munawar, Anjali, Prince could have stopped the fight but they were clapping and cheering and in fact Anjali being a girl was helping Zeeshan. Ramayan ka Kand kiske Karan hua tha Pata hai na Ravan ke Karan nahi Manthara ke Karan and Lock Upp ke jail ki Manthara Munawar Faruqui hai… he keeps calling everyone his brother, friends but when the girl was getting beaten up he did not stop Zeeshan even once, they were all busy instigating him. Just imagine what would have happened had Payal not been there. I don’t even blame Zeeshan completely because he had lost sense of good and bad but what had happened to the people around him. Why didn’t they stop him? When Payal tried to stop Zeeshan he started abusing her, calling her bit*h, dragging my name. This shows how you have been brought up that a female is trying to stop you from getting aggressive and you are calling her fu* you, bit**. On one hand you are saying I am fighting for my mother and girlfriend and on the other hand you are hitting a female, abusing another one. What a hypocrite?

How could Munawar watch physical violence happening to a girl

The same hypocrisy is with Munawar. A day ago the Azma and Zeeshan incident happened. Munawar told his personal story and we all felt bad for him. When he told about his mother and the things they had to face. He said on the show that he can never see physical violence with women. I am no one to comment on his personal life. But how did he watch Azma getting hit by Zeeshan in the same jail where he is also staying. Why didn’t he stop him. Isse Pata chalta hai haathi ke daant dikhane ke kuch Aur khaane ke kuch Aur.

Anjali thinks by abusing, shouting, hitting others she will become a star

Anjali thinks by abusing people, shouting, pushing and hitting everyone she will become a star and she thinks she is very famous. But 4 logon ko computer par bitha ke social media par follower aane se aap star nahi ban jaaoge… even if you win the show, what will you achieve… because nobody knows who is Anjali Arora I also know it because I am watching the show for my girlfriend. They always mock Payal for having the lowest followers but I would like to tell them that they are all genuine and she has earned them and not bought them. I get messages from kids, young boys, girls and women who are loving Payal on the show. What is her game, just following Munawar's orders. I still don't understand why she is inside the show. She has no individual game and I want to ask what has she done in the Lock Upp jail till now to stay in the game more than Karanvir Bohra.

Prince Narula is coming across as Munawar and Anjali's babysitter

I am confused about Prince Narula’s role in the show. He has won 5 reality shows. I didn’t personally know that. But he is behaving on the show as Munawar is his uncle’s son and Anjali is also his relative. It looks like he has gone inside to babysit Munawar and Anjali Arora. He is coming across as his babysitter. He is doing everything possible to keep them happy and targeting Payal, Azma, Shivam and Karanvir (when he was there). He is just speaking their language. You say that you have won so many shows but you are hanging up all like bullies to target Payal and Azma. Prince must have earned so many fans in all these years after doing and winning reality shows, but I am very sure he must have lost them because of his actions and the comments he’s been making against women. Is he trying to keep Munawar and Anjali's fake followers happy and is scared of getting trolled by them?.

For me Munawar Faruqui is the weakest player, he only knows to play the victim card

For me Munawar Faruqui is the weakest player. He only knows to play the victim card aur Woh start se ek ladki ko apni dhaal bana ke chal raha hai. He gets scared, nervous whenever he gets nominated or loses a task. 5 ladkon ko computer par bitha ke dusron ko troll karwake Tum kya fan following ki baatein karte ho… There are no followers or fans. If they were real stars they would be seen somewhere in life.

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