'She is allowed to grasp his hand, stroke his hair,' Saisha confides in Karanvir Bohra about her jealousy of Anjali and Munawar's relationship.

  • March 22, 2022, 11:57 a.m.

Lock Upp contestant Saisha Shinde has openly confessed her feelings for Munawar Faruqui on different occasions. She recently expressed her emotions towards him during the weekend episode of Lock Upp in front of host Kangana Ranaut. Saisha was seen confiding her thoughts about Munawar in Karanvir in the latest episode. She expressed how she feels jealous watching Anjali being allowed to hold Munawar's hand and stroke his hair, but she's not. It all began with Saisha telling Karanvir that Munawar also has affection for her, but he doesn't show it as it would question his own identity as a man.

Saisha complains to Karanvir about how Munawar has been avoiding her, "See how Munna (Munawar) is keeping a distance from me." He's very clever (ek number ki shaani cheez hai woh). He also knows I do not have those kinds of expectations from him. He likes me, but he is scared of any kind of affection from me, and he feels that it will make him weak. It rather makes you stronger. Even if he has a small amount of affection towards me, it's not showing now. Because he's scared that it will affect his game, that's why he's maintaining that distance. "

She further shares how she has been trying to get some time to spend with Munawar. "I will make him show his affection in the remaining seven weeks." I am trying my hardest to get him to let me sit with him, talk to him, walk with him, and talk with him, but he just doesn't give in, and I know he wants to. Also, what happens in such a situation with cisgender men? They feel how they can fall for a transwoman because that becomes a questioning of their identity. There's so much stigma around this stuff and I am going to break it all. "

She then goes on to confess that she gets jealous seeing Anjali and him together, "Ek hota hai, a person is not at all interested and you understand that." Shivam is just not interested in Sara. In my condition, it's neither an interest nor a disinterest; it's in between. Now, that in-between could be fear of all those things that I just said, fear of this, fear of that. Because he doesn't really stop me, he also likes the khatti meethi nok jhok, the leg pulling. He also likes it. When I see him with Anjali, I feel jealous that Anjali is allowed to hold his hand and stroke his hair. I can't do that (mujhe ye sab nahi milta). "

Karanvir tells Saisha that Munawar doesn't understand how to deal with this friendship between him and the latter.

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