The new nameplate for Shah Rukh Khan's house Mannat has gone stolen, according to followers on social media.

  • May 28, 2022, 12:48 p.m.

Last month, Shah Rukh Khan’s Bandra home, Mannat, was trending on social media after fans noticed that the gate of the popular bungalow had a new name plate after years. Several fans shared pictures and selfies from the spot, causing the bungalow to become a talking point. Over the last few days, the bungalow and its name plate have been talking points again. This time, however, it is because fans have noticed the name plate is missing, something which has hardly ever happened earlier. 

On account of being Shah Rukh Khan’s home and as it is situated right across Bandra’s Band Stand, Mannat is a popular tourist destination in Mumbai. Many fans reach the gates of the house every day to click pictures with the Mannat nameplate. However, over the last two weeks, several fans pointed out that the nameplate was missing. On May 12, a fan tweeted a video from outside Mannat and wrote, "I went to # Mannat today for the first time in my life and I saw there was no nameplate. I thought there was some work in progress. " Another tweet from the same time showed a picture of the façade of the house with a similar caption. Till Thursday, the name plate was still absent, as evident by several tweets shared by fans of Mannat.

Several fans have wondered if it was stolen, but others have pointed out that it is unlikely given the security situation at Shah Rukh’s house. Some even wondered if it was part of some interior (exterior?) design experiment by Gauri Khan. A tweet from May 11 read, "Aaj # Mannat se name plate gayab hai matlab full on experiment chal raha hai @ Gaurikhan (Today the name plate is absent from Mannat, which means experiment is on)."

However, it seems there may be no mystery at all as the name plate is simply being repaired. A report from Hindustan Times City quoted a source saying, "It was taken down for repair." It’s inside the house, in fact, in the garden, and will be put back once it’s repaired. "

The Mannat name plate has become a favourite selfie spot for fans over the years. Recent reports even claimed that the new name plate—which was installed in April—was worth around 25 lakh. However, these reports could not be verified.

Shah Rukh Khan recently appeared to fans from the Mannat viewing balcony for the first time in almost three years. On the occasion of Eid, Shah Rukh greeted fans and even clicked selfies with them. Till a few years ago, the actor routinely greeted fans from the spot and even brought his kids with him at times. His appearances, however, have been sporadic since the pandemic hit.

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