This is a must read! Tejasswi Prakash, according to Karan Kundrra, has turned him into a loving boy and an angry young man.

  • Feb. 16, 2022, 10:57 a.m.

MUMBAI: Tejasswi Prakash revealed that Karan Kundrra often jokingly tells her how she has spoiled his career by making him a lover boy and an angry young man.

"Karan often tells me that he, too, gets surprised by himself as he never thought he'd ever be doing 'baby' talks in any relationship. One of his videos is going viral where he is seen asking, 'Aise baby talk kaun karta hai, main to abhi nahi karunga,' and cuts to today when he calls me 'ladoo and baby."

She added that Karan tells her, 'Mera image pura khrabb hogaya hai, mera angry young man ka image tha, tune mere career ki dhajiya uda di hai, abhi log muje Sunny bulaate hai.'

In their live interaction with fans, Tejaswi was seen once again saying, "Yeh hai Sunny, jo abhi tak bade nahi hue hai (This is Sunny, who is yet to grow up). He thinks he is older than me, but he is clearly not, and he is very clumsy. "Gita rehta hai" (he keeps tripping and falling).

Karan replied, "Main pehli baar zindagi mein gira hoon aur itna hard gira hoon ki meri saari image kharab ho chuki hai (I fell for the first time in my life and I fell so hard that my image is ruined)."

Karan, in his life along with Tejasswi, said, "That’s okay, I made a lot of money. Now it is time for me to enjoy a little."

The actors met and fell in love with Bigg Boss.

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Author : Rajdhani Delhi Representative

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