With effect from September 3, 2015, Delhi L-G approves a higher revised pay scale for assistant public prosecutors.

  • Jan. 2, 2024, 4:06 p.m.

New Delhi, January 1st (IANS): On Monday, Lieutenant Governor V.K. Saxena of Delhi gave Assistant Public Prosecutors (APPs) working for the Directorate of Prosecution, GNCTD, a higher updated pay scale along with other related perks, from September 3, 2015.

The proposal to give Assistant Public Prosecutors (APPs) employed by the Directorate of Prosecution, GNCTD, a revised pay scale of Pay Band 3 with Grade Pay of Rs 5,400 was approved by Saxena, according to Raj Niwas authorities.

The officials declared, "They will also get all consequential benefits with effect from September 3, 2015."

According to officials, the Home Department looked into the matter and consulted with the Finance Department, GNCTD, which approved the proposal for the implementation of revised APP scales. The current pay scale for APPs has been in the Pay Band 2 with Grade Pay of Rs 4,800.

According to the officials, "the revision of the Pay Scales for APPs came after lengthy litigation in the Delhi High Court involving the Delhi government and others and correspondence involving the LG Secretariat and the Union Ministry of Home Affairs."

According to the officials, the Delhi High Court was presented with a writ petition (Criminal) No.s 1549/200 titled "Court on its Motion versus State," which raised several issues about Delhi prosecution, including the pay scale for prosecutors in the Directorate of Prosecution, the infrastructure of the DOP, the fees and professional fees of standing counsels, and the engagement of counsel by the State. This led to the discussion of the revised pay scale for APPs.

According to the officials, the Delhi government was instructed by the High Court in its order dated September 3, 2015, to comply with the requirements and submit a report on the execution of the Union Cabinet Decision dated September 1, 2015, which approved revisions to the Prosecuting Officer of the Directorate of Prosecution's pay structure.

The officials continued, "The Delhi Prosecutors Welfare Association (Regd.) filed Contempt Petition No. 224/2016 before the High Court, which by its order dated May 31, 2016, directed to comply with its order dated September 3, 2015, after the LG Secretariat, via letter dated December 29, 2015, took up the matter with the Union Ministry of Home Affairs."



Author : Rajdhani Delhi Representative

Rajdhani delhi representative

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